Target Backtracks on Ghostbuster Toys Markdown

For over a week at Target stores across the country including my local one, Ghostbusters toys were marked down for clearance.  With the release of the film still approaching, I wondered why? So I tweeted Ghostbusters Director Paul Feig with that very question along with a link to my post “Ghostbusters Figures A Bust?” with no response.

This morning I returned to my local Target to find to my surprise that the clearance stickers had been ripped off the remaining merchandise and that the clearance signs had been removed. The figures prices have also been changed from the 30% off clearance price back to their original $19.99 price. I asked the nearest associate about the change and was told that the items must’ve been incorrectly marked for clearance. When I reached out to Target via Twitter I was told to ask an associate at My Target store about the pricing of an item.

I just find it ironic that for a over week the figures were on clearance and when I brought it to the attention of the film’s director it took less than 24hrs for the products to return back to normal price.

Below are the ones I picked up:

gb rowan_mayhem


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