Top 10 Picks of Bill Murray Flicks

In honor of Ghostbusters opening on July 15th, we decided to countdown our top 10 picks of Bill Murray Flicks.  With every Pick It List we have a Flick It Pick which is a film that is in our opinion bad, so it’s flicked away like rubbage. The Flick It Pick will be listed after the Top Pick.

Also we will not be including Ghostbusters (1984) its a classic, and currently holds a Tomatometer of  97% on Rotten Tomatoes. We also didn’t pick any of the obvious art house films and lets be honest with such a storied filmography as his this list could be a mile long.

To be fair we will try to stay away of just listing sequels. For example if the list were about slasher films and if any of  the Friday The 13th films were to make the list, all other Friday The 13th films are disqualified to be listed no matter the quality or lack thereof unless listed alongside the one entry.

Disclaimer: This is just opinion. It doesn’t mean that your favorite movie is bad. If it doesn’t make the list is just means that it may not be ours. The great thing about opinions is that everyone has one. In the comment section feel free to let me know what your favorite Bill Murray are. Now lets get into the list.

#10 – Jungle Book (2016)

Just a great movie, well acted, and visually stunning.

#9 – Kingpin (1996)

Its such a great performance as the sleazy bowler and antagonist to Woody Harrelson. Its an added bonus that Randy Quad and Murray also reunite since Quick Change.

#8 – Zombieland.

Best surprise cameo ever. It was great seeing Murray reuniting with Woody Harrelson years after Kingpin.

#7 – St. Vincent

Great performances by Melissa McCarthy and Bill Murray. Murray is great as curmudgeon neighbor to McCarthy and reluctant care-keeper to her kid.

#6 -Caddyshack (1980)

Murray as the well meaning dimwitted groundskeeper at the posh Bushwood Country Club is comedy gold.

#5 – What About Bob? (1991)

Such great performances from Murray and Dreyfus and rumored tension on-set between the two makes their performances’ pop.

#4 – Quick Change (1990)

The only directorial credit of Murray’s career and its such a great film. Its a great dark comedy.

#3 – Stripes  (1981)

The first of many cinematic collaborations with the lat great Harold Ramis (Yes Ramis co-wrote Meatballs  prior to this).

#2 – Ghostbusters II (1989)

The sequel to the now classic Ghostbusters. It my not have wowed critics. It currently holds a 50% Tomatometer on Rotten Tomatoes, but it holds special place in my heart and again it’s a Ramis and Murray collaboration. It was great to team back again.

# 1 –  Groundhog Day (1993) *Top Pick

The last collaboration between Harold Ramis (directing) and Murry (staring) before Ramis’ untimely death. I’m just glad the two were able to reconcile before.

Flick It Pick – Dumb and Dumber To (2014)


Its not a bad movie per say and in no means is it Murray’s doing if it is. The fact was there wasn’t enough Murray and everyone knows the more Murray the merrier. There are so many movies that should or could be on this list, let us know in the comment section what your favorite Bill Murray flicks are.


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