Lando Stars Meet

Just like we saw Alden Ehrenreich and Harrison Ford earlier this year meet up for lunch and to most definitely discuss the Han Solo role. Now Billy Dee Williams has met up with Donald Glover.  The actor who originated the role of suave Lando Calrissian in the Star Wars Saga has now been spotted eating lunch with Donald Glover, the young actor/recording artist posed to play a young Lando in the untitled Han Solo movie.

A fellow diner snapped this pic of the two and posted it on twitter:


Lando first appeared in Empire Strikes Back playing a pivotal role that would carry over into the final chapter of the original trilogy Return of the Jedi.

Last year when Glover was asked about taking on the role he explained, “Lando’s a big deal to me.” He added, “It was literally the first toy I ever got.” He addressed the responsibility of such an undertaking, “It’s hard, because you want to live up to their expectations, but all you can really do is live up to your own.” 



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