Powerless Pilot Review

Let me start by saying I have high hopes for Powerless to succeed and add to the lighter side of the comic book adaptions on TV. Having said that, the pilot episode served its purpose of introducing the cast and premise, but it laid on the cheese too thick in my opinion. It would seem that after Batman V Superman, WB/DC is beating people over the head that it can be fun. A fact we all know because of the wonderfully fun The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and sometimes Arrow on CW. Some of the line delivery from Vanessa Hudgens was little over the top and if I’m being honest Alan Tudyk was a little guilty of it too.

The premise is as follows, Emily Locke (Vanessa Hudgens) was an ordinary person from a flyover state (heroes flyover), who wants do something extraordinary so she quits her boring job and moves to Charm City, where she is hired by Wayne Security as the new R&D director at Wayne Security, but finds the staff unmotivated and her boss only looking to move up the corporate ladder. Van Wayne (Alan Tudyk), head of Wayne security announces that his cousin Bruce Wayne is going to shut down the company if they don’t make effective products. Charm City is a place that is bombarded by superhero villain fights daily that the citizens are over it.  The Team at Wayne Security develop products that can be used to aide citizens against the consequences of the battles and is rounded out by Danny Pudi , Ron Funches, and Christina Kirk.  Some jokes don’t land, some do. Some of the CGI like Starro is good and some are 90’s TV bad (I know its the pilot). Overall its enjoyable and has massive potential moving forward. It being on NBC means its future is not guaranteed. Its licensed product which means it has budgetary constraints imposed on in front the get-go in the form of licensing fees The last WB/DC property that was niche and had a built-in devoted albeit small fan base on NBC was canceled after just one season, Constantine. Hopefully it is given time to develop into a more polished production and with this great cast if the actors can get comfortable in their roles it could be a  bright spot in the superhero TV landscape.

I would still give it a 3.5 out of 5.



via Warner TV
via Warner TV

The appearance of DC Characters Starro and Crimson Fox.

Adam West (66′ Batman) provides voice-over for the episode.

Wayne Light Lime a parody of Bud Light Lime and source of contention for Van Wayne.

Mentions of Batman and Joker.

Kryptonite window pane.

Potential, Potential, Potential.


Most jokes are seen in the trailer.

A little bit of overacting.

Some bad CGI.

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