Friday of the 13th Reboot Canceled

Per Variety, Paramount didn’t just pull the Friday the 13th reboot from its release schedule, but has cancelled the film altogether. The report credits the disappointing box office of Rings, along with the fact that the rights to Friday the 13th revert back to New Line Cinema soon, are among the cheif reasons why the studio has opted to give up on Jason Voorhees. The film was given a tax incentive last year to shoot in California, but it missed the start window for filming. Now it appears the studio is just going to let the rights revert back to New Line.

Paramount’s long in developed Friday the 13th reboot just seemed doomed from the start. This is only the latest setback for Friday the 13th, which the studio has struggled to crack in the years since Paramount landed the property in the 2013 deal that handed Warner Bros. Christopher Nolan‘s Interstellar. At one point there was talk about a found footage approach in the vain of Paranormal Activity, with low cost and  a high profit margin was the catalyst for this appoarch. For a while, Signal and V/H/S helmer David Bruckner was on board to direct. Then the studio brought in Prisoners scribe Aaron Guzikowski and The Crazies helmer Breck Eisner. Last update was promising, they had found their lake and were set to film this spring.

It was even suggested that the film would focus on Jason’s childhood and his overbearing father, something that sounds a lot like the appraoch that was taken with Rob Zombie’s Halloween, which we know worked out so well. Hopefully, with the right reverting back to New LIne Cinema that a new chapter will amerge sooner rather than later with killer spin on it. Pun intended. Until that day we still have the tweleve other films enjoy.

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