Red Hood Should Be ‘The Batman’ Villain

With Matt Reeves officially on board as director for The Batman, it was assumed he would craft a new script. What better way to start over than to change the villain entirely. I believe Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke is a villain better suited for the newly announced Nightwing film. I believe the best villain for Batman at this point in his life/career is Jason Todd/Red Hood.


With having changed his murderous vigilante ways( which could have been the result of Robin’s murder at the hands of the Joker) after Superman’s sacrifice in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the Red Hood represents  one Batman’s greatest triumphs and mistakes. He rescued Jason Todd, took him under his wing as his ward and trained him to be his sidekick Robin to only watch his greatest nemesis kill him right before his eyes, only to rise again as a villain.

It would at depth to the scene in BVS where Batman stares as in remembrance at Robin’s vandalized suit. It would also add layers to the Joker in the DCEU, explaining his physical appearance (teeth or lack thereof, grill) not to mention add to the mythology to the newly announced Nightwing movie.

Jason Todd’s death may have splintered Dick Grayson and Bruce’s relationship. Which could have led Nightwing to be committed solely on protecting Blüdhaven and leaving Batman, a murderous vigilante the sole protector of Gotham . Batman strayed from the principles of justice and embraced revenge, only to be snapped back into his justice mindset with the udderance of Martha by Superman reminding him of the reason he is Batman. Now set back on his justice fueled vigilantism after Superman’s death.

It would be a great juxtaposition to now have to faceoff  with a misguided Red Hood that is going done the same path essentially Batman spiraled down after his death. It would come full circle. It could include more screen time for Jared Leto as the Joker and give more depth to his character motivations as well. It could also introduce Nightwing before his solo movie.  It essentially would be a father/son  dynamic drama of a comic book film. Just like Superman had to face his actions of Man of Steel in BVS, Batman would have to face his actions in BVS in The Batman. It would show how interwoven the DC Films are and how each film adds layers to the previous ones not just box office dollars.

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