First Netflix Death Note Original Film Teaser Released


On Wednesday March 22, the internet streaming service Netflix released the first teaser for their original film “Death Note” based on the Death Note anime and manga series. The series is about an unknown college student, named Light Yagami, finds a very odd notebook lying on the ground. Who soon finds that anyone’s name that is written into it while they’re being thought about will die. Light then goes on somewhat of a killing spree. But L, a very mysterious detective, suddenly appears to stop Light.

The teaser itself stirring up a lot of controversy with accusations of whitewashing since both of the main characters, Light and Misa, are now white characters instead of Japanese characters in the original anime and manga series. With the main character Misa now renamed Mia in Netflix’s version. Upset fans took to Twitter outraged over the whitewashing of the main characters and by some who have said that this is Netflix’s creative freedom. One fan saying, “Whitewashing isn’t even the main issue of American death note. It’s the mentality that there needs to be an American version of everything.”

Currently there has not been any comment from Netflix today regarding the whitewashing accusations from the franchise’s fans. The release date for Netflix original film is August 25 of this year, 2017.

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