This Year Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights to Feature ‘Ghostbusters’ House

Its official folks! Ghostbusters are coming back to Universal Orlando and this time its for Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights (HHN). Get ready for mass hysteria, cats and dogs living together.

Below is the announcement blurb from Universal’s HHN Website:

For the first time ever, Sony Pictures’ Ghostbusters is coming to Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights in a new haunted house.

Celebrating its 35th anniversary, you’ll jump through the movie screen of the original 1984 film and walk through some of your favorite scenes like the New York Public Library, the Temple of Gozer and more.

In this haunted house, you’ll be transported to the streets of New York as the rift between worlds opens, releasing ghoulish spirits, hideous specters and ectoplasm-dripping phantasms in every shape and size. Come face-to-face with the voracious Slimer, the all-power Gozer the Gozerian, Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man and more.

Peter, Ray, Egon and Winston will have to save the day as these paranormal creatures materialize in unexpected places – but will their proton packs be enough?

HNN takes place from Sept. 6 – Nov. 2,  with a vengeful 80s theme, 10 haunted houses, and 5 scare zones, not to mention exclusive food and merchandise it should be to die for.

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