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George A. Romero Turns 77

The “Godfather of the Dead”, or the father of the modern zombie movie, turns 77 today.  With all the celebrities we’ve loss in the past year, I felt it was necessary to celebrate a living legend. In celebration of Romero sit back, relax with a bucket of popcorn and watch one of his six zombie films. Happy Birthday Mr. Romero!

First Look at Pennywise from ‘It’ Film Adaptation

We get our first look at Bill Skarsgård (Hemlock Grove) as Pennywise comes via Entertainment Weekly(EW). Pennywise is the embodiment of evil in the form of a clown that terrorizes the residents of Derry, Maine. “It” feeds on the fear of  Derry’s children and sometimes literately feeding on them as well.

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Top 10 Picks of Ghost Flicks

In honor of Ghostbusters opening on July 15th, we decided to countdown our top 10 picks of Ghost Flicks.  With every Pick It List we have a Flick It Pick which is a film that is in our opinion bad, so it’s flicked away like rubbage. The Flick It Pick will be listed after the Top Pick.

To be fair we will try to stay away of just listing sequels. For example if the list were about slasher films and if any of  the Halloween films were to make the list, all other Halloween films are disqualified to be listed no matter the quality or lack thereof unless listed alongside the one entry. This list is  a horror list of Ghosts. So no Casper will not make this list as well as Patrick Swayze’s Ghost will not be included either.

Disclaimer: This is just opinion. It doesn’t mean that your favorite movie is bad. If it doesn’t make the list is just means that it may not be ours. The great thing about opinions is that everyone has one. In the comment section feel free to let me know what your favorite ghost flicks are. Now lets get into the list.

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