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‘Zombieland 2: Double TaP’ Trailer Drops

Sony has released the Zombieland 2: Double Tap trailer. The long gestating sequel is finally coming and here is your first look. Check it out below:

The official blurb:

A decade after Zombieland became a hit film and a cult classic, the lead cast (Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Abigail Breslin, and Emma Stone) have reunited with director Ruben Fleischer (Venom) and the original writers Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick (Deadpool) for Zombieland 2: Double Tap. In the sequel, written by Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick and Dave Callaham, through comic mayhem that stretches from the White House and through the heartland, these four slayers must face off against the many new kinds of zombies that have evolved since the first movie, as well as some new human survivors. But most of all, they have to face the growing pains of their own snarky, makeshift family.

‘Black Widow’ Cast, Release Date and Logo Revealed

Director Cate Shortland joined by cast members Scarlett JohanssonDavid Harbour, Florence Pugh, O.T. Fagbenle, and Rachel Weisz took the stage, teasing Black Widow’s first solo film that would offer new insight into the fan-favorite character. “In this film we get to understand her past and put the pieces of herself together and come out a whole person,” Shortland said. The cast and filmmaker kept it brief, preferring to let the footage do the talking for them.

Scarlett Johansson at Hall H

Below is a description of footage shown:

The Black Widow presentation begins with a character reel, showcasing her highlighted moments from previous MCU films. We hear Nastasha’s dialogue from Endgame, “I used to have nothing and then I got this job… this family. I was better because of it.” A montage of Natasha’s heroic moments flash across the screen and we land on her Civil War exchange with Tony. “Must be hard to shake the double agent thing,” he says. “They’re coming to you.”

Then the screen cuts to Budapest. We see Natasha walking through the European city streets, into a building where she enters an elevator pulling a gun from her bag. When elevator reaches her floor, she walks through the doors gun blazing, shouting, “I know you’re up there!” Lying in wait is Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh), aiming a gun of her own. “Are we going to talk like grown-ups?” Natasha asks. “Is that what we are?” Yelena replies. Their standoff quickly turns into a fight scene. Trading blows and swapping of guns with one quick, graceful gesture. They are evenly matched.

The footage all has a hand-held Paul Greengrass Bourne film vibe to it. Their fight now having lead them to the kitchen area, crashing into a sink, Yelena wielding plates as weapons while Natasha comes at her with a towel. Yelena kicks Natasha through a glass door.

As Natasha readies herself for the next round, Yelena pulls a kitchen knife and comes strutting towards her. The scene goes silent, only to be punctuated by the grunts and crashes of the knife fight. The big brawl leads them around the house until Natasha grabs a curtain and starts choking the other one out. Yelena responds in turn, wrapping the rest of curtain around Natasha’s neck. They lie there on the floor like that when the scene cuts to a friendlier exchange of the two assassins.

“Good to see you, sis,” Natasha says, pouring Yelena a shot. “You just had to come to Budapest.” Then we got a series of quick cuts showing off action — Natasha and Yelena riding a bike in tandem, multiple car chases through the crowded streets, Widow running through a mountain range, lots and lots of guns.

Finally, we get a shot of her in a car crash, she stumbles out of the flaming wreckage onto the bridge, where a man in a mask walks towards her. She fires, but he pulls a shield and blocks the bullets. It’s likely the Red Guardian (Harbour) the Soviet version of Captain America. They trade blows, and similarly as with Yelena, these are clearly trained fighters in a similar fashion. The sequence ending in a standoff, both kneeling and looking at each other in an identical pose.

Marvel Studios’ Black Widow arrives in cinemas May 1, 2020. Directed by Cate Shortland and starring Scarlett Johansson, David Harbour, Florence Pugh, O-T Fagbenle, and Rachel Weisz.

‘Black Widow’ cast in Hall H

Doctor Strange Sequel To See The Sorcerer Supreme Take On The Multiverse

Marvel Studios announced a Doctor Strange 2 release date and official title in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con today, along with cast surprise. Benedict Cumberbatch will reprise the title role in now official Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, surprisingly Elizabeth Olsen will co-star as Scarlet Witch. Scott Derrickson returns to helm promising the Hall H crowd he’s going to make “the first scary MCU film.”

This film will be directly tied to the upcoming Disney+ series WandaVision, which stars Olsen opposite Paul Bettany‘s Vision set to debut on the streaming service in Spring 2021. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said the events of WandaVision will lead into and impact what happens in Doctor Strange 2.

As the title suggests the multiverse is very much real and this sequel will find Doctor Strange venturing into said multiverse accompanied by Scarlet Witch.

Even though Chiwetel Ejiofor‘s Baron Mordo was set up as a villain at the end of the first movie its still yet to be seen if he’ll return. Also it unclear if  Tilda Swinton‘s Ancient One or Rachel McAdams‘ Christine will return either. So far only Olsen and Cumberbatch are confirmed.

Check out the official Doctor Strange 2 logo below. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will hit theaters on May 7, 2021.

Feige Confirms Phase 4 Marvel Slate of Films

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige during the Marvel Panel in Hall H at Comic-Con confirms the phase four lineup of Marvel films.

Kevin Feige

Here’s all the Marvel Phase Four movies and TV shows and when they’re being released, according to Feige:

Although two-time Oscar winner Mahershala Ali was revealed to be the new Blade at Marvel Studios’ Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, fans will have to wait a bit to see him onscreen. The Blade reboot which so far only has Ali attached—no announced writer or director will more than likely be part of phase five, with other confirmed sequels like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3Black Panther 2, and Captain Marvel 2.

Hall H Phase 4 Cast Photo

‘Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings’ Will Include The Mandarin

Marvel revealed that upcoming Shang-Chi movie will be titled  Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. This is not the first MC U film to reference “Ten Rings”. The first was Iron Man and then again in Iron Man 3. All allude to The Mandarin—the real Mandarin and not the impostor played by Ben Kingsley in Iron Man 3. The Mandarin is finally coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and will be played by Tony Leung (In the Mood For Love).  Simu Liu  will play Shang-Chi the titular hero.

The studio also announced that Awkwafina has joined the cast in a yet to be announced role as well as the film will officially hit theaters on February 12, 2021.

 Short Term 12 helmer Destin Daniel Cretton who will direct Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings explained stepping into Marvel Universe:

“I grew up on an island in the middle of the pacific called Maui in a small town called Kaiku that had about the population of this room so standing on this stage is really terrifying for me. But what’s really cool is I grew up with friends who are Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Philippine, Korean. That’s the norm in Hawaii and it’s so amazing to see Kevin and this team start to create an MCU that reflects all the beautiful colors I see in this room. To be a small part in that is really special for me. It’s amazing stepping into this and just see how incredible things have between thought out from the beginning.”

Shang-Chi is the creation of writer Steve Englehart and artist Jim Starlin that has been around in the comics since 1973. Having been member of both the Heroes for Hire and the Avengers. Shang-Chi is a martial arts master and the son of Marvel villain Fu Manchu.

‘Loki’ Disney+ Series Details

During their Comic-Con panel, Marvel gave an update to their upcoming Disney+ series, LokiTom Hiddleston will reprise the title role as the God of Mischief. Even though Loki died in Avengers: Infinity War  by hand of Thanos, the wayward god got a second chance due to some time-travel hi-jinks in Avengers: Endgame. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige told the crowd that Loki will pick up following the events of Endgame where Loki acquired the Space Stone/Tesseract and vanished.

Here’s what Hiddlestone told the crowd in Hall H:

“You guys saw Avengers, right? He’s still that guy. And just about the last thing that happened to him was that he got Hulk-smashed, so there’s a lot of psychological evolution that hasn’t happened yet, but Kevin has generously showed me what his plans are — I can’t tell you any of them — but its is one of the most exciting creative opportunities I think I’ve ever come across.”

Mischievous Loki returns in the exclusive Disney+ Series debuting Spring 2021.

‘Hawkeye’ Disney+ Series Details

Marvel Studios officially announced their upcoming Disney+ series Hawkeye with Jeremy Renner returning as Clint Barton/Hawkeye. This time around he’ll be mentoring archer Kate Bishop a role that has yet to be casted.

Renner told the crowd in Hall H:

“What I get to do in the show ultimately is shepherd an amazing character, ultimately a better version of me and the sentiment of that is the fiber of what Hawkeye is, at least what I think Hawkeye is — a superhero without superpowers and I get to teach someone else to be a superhero without super powers.”

Jermey Renner returns with Hawkeye on Disney+ Fall 2021.

Blade Will Join MCU With Two-time Academy Award Winner Mahershla Ali As Title Character

The announcement comes by Marvel at their Comic-Con panel in Hall H. After a plethora of announcements by Marvel already and thinking they winding down, two-time Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali  was welcomed onto the stage, introduced by saying we’ve got a new “Daywalker” and it’s the immensely talented Ali in the role.

As stated Mahershala is immensely talented and garners attention every awards season, it’ll be interesting to see him tackle this role. No other details such as additional casting or release date are known at this time.

Here’s the first logo and casting announcement for Blade:

‘Eternals’ Cast, Logo and Release date Revealed

At the Marvel Comic-Con panel it was announced that Angelina Jolie will lead the all-star cast of EternalsChloe Zhao (The Rider) will direct the film, which is slated for release on November 6, 2020. Zhao says that although the lead characters are immortals, the film will explore what it’s like to be human.  Jolie will star as Thena alongside Richard Madden as Ikaris, Kumail Nanjiani as Kingo, Lauren Ridloff as Makkari, Brian Tyree Henry as Phastos, Salma Hayek as Ajak, Lia McHugh as Sprite, and Don Lee as Gilgamesh.