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Marc Bernardin Talks ‘Castle Rock’

Marc Bernardin, writer and co-host of Fatman On Batman revealed that he is part of the writers’ room of Castle Rock. Castle Rock is the J.J. Abrams produced Stephen King anthology TV series, based in King’s fictional city of Castle Rock, Maine. The same Castle Rock where most of his novels take place. The possibilities are endless. Continue reading Marc Bernardin Talks ‘Castle Rock’

Roseanne Reunion Show On The Horizion?

John Goodman recently visited his former TV Daughter Sara Gilbert on The Talk in an interview-style reunion of sorts. Afterwards interest of a full cast Roseanne reunion began to gather traction. Roseanne Barr herself even weighed in via her Twitter by saying that the cast is up for a reunion. We may soon see The Connor Family reunite onscreen again and return to Lanford, IL. Continue reading Roseanne Reunion Show On The Horizion?